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Hudson North Management Services

Hudson North Management is a full service Management Company offering the following services:

Please click here to contact an Hudson North Management Specialist in regard to the indicated service denoted above.



Your site staff supervision, training and discipline is an integral component of having a well run community. Effective policy, procedure and supervision are essential. The property manager will work with the Board to establish policies, protocols and procedures, within the framework of the Union contract. These will then be implemented by the Manager and management staff. A "chain-of-accountability" will be maintained: The Manager reports to the Board, the Superintendent reports to the property manager and the staff reports to the site Superintendent.

Detailed employee job descriptions, protocols and work schedules will be developed and implemented, if not already in place, to assure that efficient supervision of the staff is maintained.

Major capital improvements will be supervised at appropriate levels to assure compliance with contract provisions. The site manager will work cooperatively with other professionals, such as engineers, if so engaged, to see that project specifications are carried out.

Site visits will be done as frequently as required, in order to maintain proper supervision of staff, projects and associated site activities, but never less than once per week.

Regular site inspections are conducted to assure compliance with established standards. Special attention is paid to staff performance, proper function of mechanical systems / equipment and a focus on risk management. 



The Hudson North uses the B.J. Murray management information and accounting system. This management / accounting system has long been acknowledged as the best available in the industry. Our system gives us the ability to customize our monthly financial statements for the Board and their associated financial advisors.

Separate bank accounts are maintained under the corporate name and Federal I.D. number. All monies received for your property are deposited in your bank account and any checks written will also come directly from your dedicated account.

Maintenance or common charge collections are among the top management program priorities. Residents send their payments to a bank lockbox system which is electronically updated to the Hudson North Management accounting system on a daily basis. Arrears are closely monitored and timely action is taken for non-payment, according to each corporations policies.

Employee payroll processing is provided by ADP

Accounts payable items are processed, in a timely manner, according to available cash

Annual operating and capital budgets are prepared for review in accordance with Board priorities and the corporation's fiscal year requirements. Budgets are compared to the present year's financial goals and previous year's actual expenditures, All item assumptions are clearly noted. Seasonal expenses are budgeted for the specific time frame for which they apply.

Management system reports, including a comprehensive financial review and any special reports, are made available to Boards in a timely manner, for adequate review prior to each monthly meeting.




Boards of Directors / Managers, have a special place in the administration of their respective communities, They are volunteers who, in many cases, spend countless hours providing policy guidance and making the important decisions requires to keep their community running effectively and efficiently.

Board's are elected by their constituents, to create policy and procedure for their communities. We, at Hudson North, understand that each community has a unique character and requires a customized set of administrative solutions. We have the years of experience and technical knowledge to assist Boards with policy and administrative protocol development and implementation.

By their nature, some Boards are more active than others. Within the Board structure, some members are able to devote more time to the Board process than others. Hudson North has the insight, flexibility and technical knowledge, to interact with each Board at the required level of involvement. We provide the proper support level, to achieve the goals set by the Board.

Managers and (depending on administrative needs) Assistants, attend regular monthly, as well as annual and special Board meetings.

At Hudson North, we recognize and applaud all Board members for their efforts and remain dedicated to assisting Boards with the task of administering their most valuable asset.  


The quality of life, enjoyed by the residents of communities Hudson North manages, are of primary importance to our management mission. Our goal is to provide each community with as safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing environment as the community financial status will permit.

Our managers and their support staff posses personal skill levels that will allow for superior quality interaction with all community residents. We pride ourselves in our ability to successfully navigate any challenging situation that may occur in a sensitive manner.


Your property Manager, will work cooperatively with the site Superintendent, to review the day-to-day supply and service needs for your community. Purchasing permission limits and guidance on service levels, set by the Board, will be observed.

Vendors and service providers are monitored on a regular basis, for proper pricing and service delivery standards.

Some of our procedures dedicated to the above process include:

v Pre-qualification of contractors.

v Certifications of contractors with respect to standards of integrity and performance.

v Bidding of standard supplies.

v Competitive sealed bidding procedures for large projects.


Hudson North has developed a comprehensive system to ensure that every property is in compliance with the myriad of permits, licenses and city and state regulations that govern the operations of a building.

Our compliance coordinator also arranges for lectures and seminars for Managers and Superintendents, by industry professionals, on a wide range of topics ranging from the handling of hazardous materials to boiler inspections.

We also encourage continuing education through Union certified courses for all building staff members.



Hudson North maintains an excellent relationship with the Union local associated with buildings under our care (32 B/J) We work cooperatively with Union officials, to assure that building staffs understand the expectations associated with their positions and provide optimum performance under the terms of the current union contract. We specialize in successfully resolving Union / employee issues.


This site is provided by Hudson North Management